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Business Spirituality

How Spiritual Organisation Look Like?

The first thing to see about such an organization (and this sometimes surprises people) is that it's quite ordinary. A "spiritual organization" looks like any other organization. People come in, make telephone calls, talk to each other, make sales, and do all the ...

Values and business

Personal Values and Organization Values: How Leaders Put Them Into Action

How does a leader put values into action? What questions does a leader need to ask himself or herself to clarify what is needed to lead by, with, and through values? Here are six common sense leadership strategies to consider: 1. Know Your Values. Develop a ...

Value creation

The Power Of Business Values

A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is really meaningful to the company. An example of a business value is: "Customer Satisfaction." Another example of a value is "Being Ethical and Truthful." Every company has one or more values, whether they are ...