His Holiness summarised how Rama’s primary focus was to deal with every situation morally and with integrity. Trials, tribulation and pain give birth to the greatest of opportunities. Through a mother’s pain of labour children are birthed. Despite witnessing 2000 years of history, Redwood trees in California stand strong through stable roots. His Holiness described religious revelations manifesting through trials commenting in particular how in the Jewish tradition the sacrifices of the sons of Abraham gave rise to the Ten Commandments. Through the crucifixion, the resurrection of Christ gives hope to his followers.

One last caution about the simple yet complicated phenomenon of love: you should constantly try to anticipate beforehand and review afterwards how each of your policies increases the love of those whom you lead. Indeed, one of your main functions as a leader is to express love and help others develop their experience of love. If you fail to understand basic point in this (first) chapter, you stand to lose position, prestige, co-operative association, your good health, your sanity, or perhaps even your life.