1. What do I worry about?
2. Do I really need to worry about it?
3. How would I feel if I would not worry about it?
4. How would my life be different if I would not worry about it?
5. What needs to happen so I will stop worrying about it?
6. Instead of worrying, what could I think and feel in order to peaceful and without worries?

These questions will help you discover new options, opportunities, possibilities and advantages in various areas your life:
1. What are the options for achieving this goal?
2. What else is possible?
3. Who else can help you?
4. What are the opportunities available?
5. How can this be made possible?
6. What will enable you to achieve this?
7. What are the hidden opportunities here?
8. What other resources are available?
9. What strengths and talents can you use?
10. How can impossible become possible?