Sun Zi – Art of War

  • shangchang ru shachang, the marketplace is like a battlefield
  • all warfare is based on deception. For the purpose of this study, a commander is a leader of leaders.
  • Just like water cannot have a constant shape, warfare has no constant conditions. So there is no “one size fits all” strategy
  • “Know the enemy, know yourself; in hundred battles you will never be in peril”. Wee (2003,p. 77) on the other hand translates the same line as “He who knows the other side (the enemy) and knows himself will not be defeated in a hundred battles”. However, the authors would instead like to propose that this line mean: “Know yourself, know the other side, every battle, victory possible”. This translation is not to predict victory but,in essence, is to have “insight” into intentions.
  • There are clear applications to practising managers. For example, since winning is vital, ethical aspects in the competition are neglected by Sun Zi.