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Self-Improvement Power: Changes We Must Take to Unlock It

Barack  Obama

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama

As we grow up, we reach a point in our lives when we open up to change. A whole new understanding allows us to accept information that will help us to unlock our self-improvement power. Until that change happens, something we need to improve in our lives could be staring us in the face, however, we will not see it; even if it is right under our noses. Usually, the key factor that triggers the unlocking of our self-improvement power, is when our lives have turned for the worst.

Self improvement power comes in action when change is necessary, we as humans tend to learn our lessons when we encounter pain. The key is to make our self-improvement power work for us always.

We finally open up and see the warning signs when things get rough for us. For examples: When we realize we need to change what we eat? Well, when none of our clothes we normally wear, fit us. When do we stop eating sweets, and going to bed without brushing our teeth? Well, when our teeth start to decay. When do we stop smoking? Unfortunately, it is usually when our lungs have become unhealthy. When do we pray to God and ask for help? When we realize that we may be on our last breath on this earth. And of course: When we understand that our country is going to a wrong direction? Well, it is when we realize that people at power are dumb enough to forget about the country.

So, let’s get back to the key change factors about self-improvement power and try to use it in the right direction for our life.

1. Don’t ignore it.

Most of us learn to unlock our self-improvement power, when our world around us is crashing down. Stress conquers us because it is not easy for us to change our habit-paths we have set for ourselves. However, change can become even more painful when we decide to ignore it.

2. Change we must take.

Change always happens, like it or not. We all experience turning points, at one point or another in our lives…when we realize what happened we finally unlock our self-improvement power. Not because the world tells us to. Not because our friends are nagging us to do it. Once set in our ways, we become so stubborn to change, that permanent self-changes don’t happen because we are reading books, or going to classes, self improvement only happens when we come to a cross road, then we realize that without improving ourselves there is no good happening for us.

3.Break the cage.

Happy people do not just accept change they accept it entirely. So don’t allow yourself to suffer when your life hits self-improvement changes on you. Unlocking your power means you are unlocking yourself from the cage of thought that your mind sets: “its just the way I am, I can’t change that”. Most people program their minds like computers to think that way. That cage of thought it’s an apology for people who fear and resist change.


Change always happens, like it or not. We all experience turning points, at one point or another in our lives…when we realize what happened we finally unlock our self-improvement power.

4.Take a look at your world.

Self-improvement may not be your preferred matter, and you may think you do not need to do any change in your life. But improving yourself can really happen just by taking a look at your world; your environment from a different angle. You may discover you are enjoying the entire process of your life, instead of counting the days until you are fully improved.

5.Habits that can bring change.

Going to gym would result a healthier life, that’s called self-improvement. Taking self-improvement trainings, reading helpful books instead of reading pointless trash can also put you on track to better-rounded feelings about yourself. Even visiting your friends can help you take a step back and unwind a bit from a negative mindset and feel better about yourself.

6. Fulfill your purpose in life.

Self-improvement power brings out the true control of the individual and teaches him how to use his powers positively for his upbringing. Helps the person to meet new challenges everyday and helps him grasping new opportunities. It helps him fulfilling his duties towards himself and his society. It helps him understand the purpose of his life, as each person in the world has to fulfill a purpose in life.

Overall, anything that improves the physical, material, or mental part of a person is a form of self-improvement power. No one is perfect, but many of us can try to get as close as we can.

When you are enjoying the whole process of unlocking your self-improvement power, you will understand that you are beginning to become a happier person.