Ready To Career Change?

career “People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition” Bob Nelson
“People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition” Bob Nelson

Want to change your field of work, doing something else or living somewhere else. Now is time to do more than dream. Even if you are not ready to make the change, is time to begin planning now. Don’t wait until you are out of work.

Whether a career change is by choice or is by circumstance, a successful switch depends on some steps.

1. Think What’s Wrong Now.

Sometimes people are totally in wrong career for them. You have to escape the situation that will make you feel sick going to work every morning, most of employees escape this bad fit moment just before it has a bad and dramatic effect on them. If you are thinking changing career and there is something wrong with what you are doing now. Determine what it is, so that you don’t make the same mistake again.

2. Don’t Be Afraid.

Everybody gets scared when they start thinking about changing current work position. They fear to find themselves committed to relocating, or spending to much money on education. Most companies welcome and recognize that employees must prepare for possible change, exploring alternative paths bring new insights into the workplace. As you fear about the relocations, pay cuts, or educational demands with a career transition, it’s up to you. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

3. Look In The Market First.

We all dream about the perfect job, but often our dreams don’t match the reality. You have to look first the job you are looking for on the market, if it exists, there might be no job you dream about. If it does exist, study the market, special magazines, Department of Labor, or local jobs ads. But there also might be a problem. If you do find one you like, they won’t pay you enough. You need to be sure if it is what you really want.

4. Have Priorities.

If for you to balance work and family issues is important, then you may want to avoid jobs that require 60 hours a week. You also may question your assumptions about jobs and jobs markets. You should take in consideration that any study of the market should take special note of the issues most critical to you.

5. Visualize Your Dream Job.

Some people have already the idea in their mind. Others don’t. If you are not satisfied where you are now and don’t know what else to do, you better start brainstorming now, and ask yourself what do you like about your job. This will help you to understand what you like, and can lead to the right career. Make a list with questions and answer them to get a general idea in are you really interested.

6. Have Connections.

Make a list of every responsible adult you know and contact those who work in their areas of interest. Now the business world allows doing that. A few years ago it might have seemed strange to contact relevant people, but today there is nothing odd about it. Be more interested get more information, not only meeting one on one with those people in the field of interest, but also find out what changes are taking place and what roles you can play.

7. Determine What Is Best For You.

You should have a job while you are looking for a better one. Take any available job while developing you dream job. If you are employed stay that way and assess what you like about this job and what you don’t like. If you want to relocate make a search of the region you want to relocate, if this move will be more secure and fulfilling life for you.

8. Get The Training You Need.

Gain fuller appreciation of your skills and capabilities. If the new job demands, requires new skills, you have to figure that out how to do it. That means you will have to take special courses needed for that job, take at home a self-study program or get a night program at local university or college.

9. Show That You Worth It.

If you plan succeeds, whether you get a new position in the company or outside. In both cases, you have to be prepared and show to the person interviewing that you have the ability to make at this new job. You have to show the fit to market yourself in a effective way. You have to be prepared for the questions you will be asked, have the answers that show your great experience and leadership skills.

Change and look for a better job that gives more fulfillments in your life and you will get rewards.