Nietzsche vs Freud: Do we possess ideas or ideas are possessing us?

Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Died in 1900?
  • Visionary according to Petersson
  • Went crazy at a certain point
  • We killed the God – it came 1st in some of his writing – Germans in the 19th century lost it and there was no reason to fear God
  • Uberman – superman took the idea from it / authors were reading Nitche
  • He is connected as inspiration for both wars

Sigmund Freud

  • Died in 1939
  • “My Siggi”
  • Predestined for something big
  • Born in Freiburg – moved to Vienna
  • Jew/offences he encountered boosted him in oral pride
  • Gave up on sex with his wife early
  • Could not enjoy reading other authors / did not agree with them
  • Generous when he had the money – giving to the students