Krishna’s Gopis were right: Eye blinking takes so much of our time!

Turns out the gopis were right in complaining to Lord Brahma. Of our waking hours, because of blinking, we spend on average 23 minutes with our eyes closed.

“In the Tenth Canto, 31st Chapter, 15th verse, of Srimad-Bhagavatam, the gopis lament: “My dear Krishna, during the daytime when You go out into the forest of Vrndavana with Your cows, we consider one moment to be twelve years, and it is very difficult for us to pass the time. And again when You come back at the end of the day, by seeing Your beautiful face we are so much attracted that we are unable to stop looking upon You constantly. At these times, when there is occasional blinking of our eyelids, we condemn the creator, Lord Brahma, as a dunce, because he does not know how to make perfect eyes!” In other words, the gop?s were disturbed by the blinking of their eyes because for the moment that their eyes were closed they could not see Krishna. This means that the gop?s’ love for Krishna was so great and ecstatic that they were disturbed by even His momentary absence. And when they saw Krishna, they were also disturbed. This is a paradox.