I relax with… Chanting yoga

I have been practising chanting yoga for 25 years, and it brings me complete peace, vitality and health. Best of all, it gives me a stress-free state of mind.

I grew up in the vedic philosophy, a predecessor of Hinduism. I learned yoga, pranayam breathing, meditation and ayurvedic medicine, the traditional Indian system of holistic and preventive medicine that treats illness by helping a person reach a balanced state of inner harmony and natural well-being.

Having also studied Western medicine, as a GP, I have a holistic approach to my patients. I feel contented, happy, and completely blissful as a result of my practice. I need only three to four hours sleep most nights. I take no
alcohol, coffee or tea, and I feel charged and able to take on plenty of work, as if I have 48 hours available instead of 24 each day.

Chanting yoga is based on the principle of vibrational medicine and involves the primordial sound vibration of mantras. Much of the popular yoga practiced in the West is about posture, which is only one of the eight limbs of yoga. In chanting yoga, we use mantra meditation as a sublime process for deep relaxation, achieving greater concentration and transformation of conciousness to a higher level.

This form of yoga is considered the most appropriate for a modern hectic life, and I recommend it to some patients as complementary treatment for anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, asthma and other chronic disorders. Many have found this approach helpful. I have also been teaching colleagues and friends who find it a great stress buster. They tell me that, after a few sessions, they experience a sense of control in their lives.

Dr Juhi Gautam is a GP in London
For information on seminars visit: www.chantingyoga.com