Crazy figures of Dresden bombing (13.02.1945)

Over 4,000 bombs were dropped in just 23 minutes, totaling 3,900 tons, with 1,259 planes involved (722 from the UK and 527 from the USA), resulting in approximately 25,000 casualties. This equates to roughly 3 bombs per second, creating an unimaginable level of devastation. Additionally, the city was overwhelmed as it was filled with refugees seeking shelter. During this tumultuous period in the late 1980s, Putin was stationed in Dresden, operating as a spy.

The sheer volume of the bombardment, with over 4,000 bombs dropped in a mere 23 minutes, is akin to a relentless, unforgiving storm, where each second brought three lightning strikes of devastation. The 3,900 tons of explosives unleashed upon the city could be compared to the weight of nearly 700 adult elephants, each bomb an elephant plummeting from the sky. The skies were swarmed by 1,259 aircraft, a formidable flock that could overshadow entire neighborhoods, casting a shadow as vast as a small city. Amidst this chaos, the presence of 25,000 souls lost is as if an entire small town vanished in less than half an hour, leaving behind nothing but echoes of what once was. In this backdrop of turmoil, Putin’s discreet presence in Dresden as a spy could be likened to a lone wolf maneuvering silently through a forest engulfed in flames, unnoticed yet profoundly impacted by the surrounding inferno.