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Conditioned by goodness

“Bad decisions made with good intentions, are still bad decisions.”
? Jim Collins, How The Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In

People who are predominantly in the mode of goodness are conditioned by a sense of happiness and knowledge.

Often the result of developing the mode of goodness is that one becomes wiser than those conditioned by the lower modes: passion and ignorance.

A man in the mode of goodness is not so much affected by material calamities, and he has a sense of advancement in knowledge.

It’s a natural law that goodness brings greater knowledge and a greater sense of happiness.

The problem is that when a man is situated in the mode of goodness he starts to think that he is advanced in knowledge and is better than others.

The good examples are modern success gurus. Each is very proud of his knowledge, and because they generally improve their living conditions, they feel some material happiness.

This sense of happiness in conditioned life makes them bound by the mode of goodness of material nature.

They are attracted to work in the mode of goodness and get material happiness.

As long as they are attracted to work in that way, they have to take some type of material body, life after life.

Thus there is no likelihood of liberation from the material conditioning, or of being transferred to the spiritual world.

Life after life, one may become a success guru, a philosopher, or a scientist, and repeatedly become entangled in the same disadvantages of birth and death and new material bodies.

By the influence of the illusory material energy, one thinks that that such a life is pleasant.


Written by Akrura