Coaches ask questions that shine light in the right places

“A high civilization is a pyramid: it can stand only on a broad base; its primary prerequisite is a strong and soundly consolidated mediocrity.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

One of the most interesting questions I have ever been asked was during an interview to discover how I do coaching and training. Some people were modelling my coaching and training ability. They were interested not just in seeing me training and coaching but also knowing my mental strategies and goals and values about coaching and training.

I had been answering their questions without thinking too much, because I had thought about these things before. However, the last question of the interview made a difference: ‘What metaphor would you use to describe yourself as a coach and trainer?’

This really made me think… I let my mind wander free, just waiting for something to come. Suddenly I saw myself as an explorer of ancient pyramids, and that made a lot of sense to me.

‘Why a pyramid explorer?’ they asked.

‘Because when you know where to look, you can find treasures inside places where
nobody has been before. I see people like temples, with hidden treasures just waiting to be brought out!’

This was my metaphor for coaching: a pyramid explorer, someone who brings out the best. I realized that because of a good question at the right moment.

– Andrea Lages, Master Coach Academy – London