Art of Questions Delegation

Art of question delegation
Art of question delegation
Do you do a great deal more work than your colleagues? Why?

These questions might be helpful for delegating services to others:

1. Do you operate a policy of ‘if you want a job done well, do it yourself’?
2. Do you try to do everything yourself?
3. Would you trust your senior staff to do your job as well as you, given time and support? If not, why not?
4. Could some of your staff do it better? How do you feel about that?
5. Do you do a great deal more work than your colleagues? Why?
6. Do you feel stressed? What are the reasons?
7. How would you feel if you had spare time? What would you do with it?
8. Do you give others jobs you dislike doing?
9. If you were ill for six months, could your next-in-command do your job effectively? What does this tell you about your management style?
10. Do you not delegate because some people might become too powerful?
11. Do you ask or tell staff to do tasks?
12. Do you discuss with those staff precisely what the job entails, ask their views and negotiate what is expected of them?
13. Do you give the delegatee your full powers to do the job?
14. Do you inform others what authority you are giving the delegatee?
15. Do you check up on delegatees? For what reasons? Are they valid?
16. If the completed job meets your specifications would you implement it without modification?
17. Do you ever take credit for the work done by junior staff?
18. Are you jealous of any of your subordinates?
19. How would you feel if you kept losing senior staff through promotion?
20. Do you give adequate constructive feedback and praise?

Author: Sefton Davis is an independent consultant and trainer specialising in management in education.