A small study on Rudolf Hess 1894 – 1987

Fascinating final pictures of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess (pictured in front of the summer house built for him in the grounds of Spandau Prison, Berlin) have been found and put on sale along with a note to his son about his mysterious flight to Britain to try to end the war. Credit: H.Aldridge&Sons/BNPS Copyright: ©H.Aldridge&Sons

93 years (41 in the Spandau prison)

  • 04/1941 – he flu to Schotland and imprisoned since then! Wanted to negotiate peace with Lord of Hamilton
  • His purported motivation was to stop two Aryan peoples from fighting each other. The greater motivation was to secure his position against the growing influence of Reichsminister Hermann Goring and, by accomplishing a peace treaty with England, to increase Hitler’s fighting power.
  • Spandau prison no 7 – left only one
  • 600.000 EUR yearly ===> 50,000 EUR (37 soldiers + few ladies)
  • British wanted to release him – Russians not since the Spandau was in the Weste part of Berlin
  • 19 years Rudolf was alone
  • 1x monthly visit 1x monthly letter to receive and send+
  • was the author of the Nuremberg Racial Laws, which he composed and signed and which sent six million Jews to the gas chambers. Thus he was not the innocent man sympathizers try to make him out to be, but was a major war criminal.
  • His conviction was for conspiracy against world peace'' and planning a war of aggression.”
  • “the loneliest man in the world.”
  • 21 years alone in the fortress for 600 people!
  • Called no7, not by the name
  • He was loyal to the Fuhrer till the end, no pampering the court in Nuremberg
  • Was not allowed to embrace or touch his wife or son when meeting them 1x per month
  • Judged by the victors! – how justly is that?
  • Especially Russians were unjust – looking for his execution
  • Even Churchill agreed Hess’s treatment was wrongful
  • At the Nuremberg trial he said, “It was granted to me to be active under the
  • greatest son that my people ever brought forth in their 1,000-year history. I regret nothing.” He regards himself as a martyr and has never recanted. Even in prison he continues to refer to himself in the regal third person.
  • Oracle of future greetings of Hitler – Mine Fuhrer
  • Grandson (1979 born) was fine with 10,000+ EUR because of the statement that there was no gas chamber in Dachau – they rebuild 3 years after the war – to have an impression
  • 1923/4 Rudolf Hass was writing Mein Kampf listening to Hitler’s dictations