4 Steps To Put Any Plan On Track

“How you can get what you want?” The best way to answer this question is to imagine you already have what you want!

What is it that puts any plan on track and makes it possible? There are some essential steps you must take if you want to succeed with any plan you put in mind. A plan is anything that requires control of action. It can be simple, like planning your trip, or could be complicated like setting up an Internet business. But simple or not, if you want your plan to succeed you need to take four steps:

1. Imagine the purpose.

Before you establish any plan, you need to ask yourself what you really want. It is amazing how many people who don’t know what they really want when they start something.

When you know the answer to that question, then need to ask yourself why you want what you want. This is very important as many people want something but don’t really know why they want it. In the case of the travel your answer might be that you love that place (it’s warm, quiet and you want to get away from the city). To the Internet business you might answer that you want to become your own boss and work from home.

2. Plan the formula.

Once you have found the answers to the questions above you then need to ask yourself “how you can get what you want”. The best way to answer this question is to imagine you already have what you want!

Now that might sound weird, but if you reflect about it, when you answered your first question you had some sort of image in your mind. And when you answered your second question that image must have become clearer. Now all you have to do is make the image clearer still by imagining that you already have what you want. Then you ask yourself how you got it!

In the case of the trip that should be easy. The steps to an Internet business maybe harder to see, but if you keep thinking, keep imagining you have what you want, something amazing will happen. You will start to see the steps you need to take. You will begin to see opportunities you haven’t seen before.This works for everyone who truly wants success.

3. Prepare with patience.

So many people fail to organize a plan. They have an idea and they throw themselves right in. Sometimes it works but mostly it doesn’t! You need to prepare both mentally and physically. If you are not prepared mentally the chances are you will fail physically.

Preparation also requires patience. You would like to get going immediately but sometimes you have to wait. Maybe your plan requires a lot of practice before you are ready to go. Or maybe you might have to rely on others who are not ready when you are.

4. Act upon with joy.

So, now you know what you want, why you want it and how to get it. You have prepared and practiced and you are ready to go. However if your plan involves other people, it may take time to get what you want. They may not have the same plan or the same priorities as you. This is where you have got to keep paying attention on what you want to make happen.

The way to do this is to continually imagine how great you will feel when you have got what you wanted. You must enjoy the whole “journey” to your success. Ask any successful person if they really enjoy what they do and I guarantee the answer will be yes!

One last thing, keep records of your action, they can help you when things are not going as well or as fast as you want. They can also remind you of the steps you took to get what you wanted.

Author: Michel@gosuccessnow.com