14 Key Points in Dealing with Stress and Anxiety — ISKCON European Convention

Being well organised is one of the key success points for the spiritualists also.
  1. Do the one thing that you aren’t doing now, but if you did do it well and regularly, would have the greatest impact in your life.
  2. The 80/20 rule. 80% of the most important things to do in life are on the top 20% of your prioritized list. Therefore, put “First things First.”
  3. Life has “speed bumps”—slow down, deal with the inevitable problems, and go on
  4. Who said life was suppose to be “fair”?
  5. Ask yourself: “Is this going to be important to me one year from now?
  6. Remember, in 80 years from now, practically no humans here will have the same body they have now
  7. Practice seeing the innocence behind other’s activities. Be careful in be judgmental, especially in questioning another devotees motives.
  8. Watch the mind. We careful of the “snowballing effect”—the mind going from one worry to another. Especially as the mind keeps going, “What if…”.
  9. Separate “toxic” worry from “natural” worry.
  10. Make proper use of technology. Turn the phone off during prasadam (meal time). Don’t do e-mails too early in the morning.
  11. Consider using “Block Time”. Do all meetings at one time, phone calls, rounds, etc.
  12. Deal with Procrastination: Get started on big projects or things you don’t like to do by doing just a little bit. Even tell yourself you’ll just do five minutes of work on that thing.
  13. Remember, often the greatest enemy of “great” is “good”. Learn to say “no” when it will interfere with a greater “yes” in the service of Krishna (God).
  14. Find balance in your life. It is one of our greatest challenges.