10 steps to goals

Reaching the goals “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” Diana Scharf Hunt
Reaching the goals
“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” Diana Scharf Hunt
1. Decide exactly what you want in every area of your life . This is usually the biggest problem that people have. They don’t know what they want and then they’re surprised when they don’t get it.


2. Write your goals clearly in every detail. A goal that is not written down is merely a wish. When you write it down, you signal to Divine that you really want to accomplish this particular goal that will please Him.

3. Write your goal in simple, present tense words on a three-by-five index card and carry it with you to read and re-read throughout the day whenever you get a chance. This will remind you of your goal, keep you focused, and make you aware of the opportunities for achieving it.

4. Make a list of everything you can do that will move you toward your goal. Making a list intensifies your desire and shows Krsna that you are serious and sincere about achieving it.

5. Organize the list by priority. What is more important and what is less important? What will you do first? What will you do second, etc.?

6. Resolve to take action every day on one of the items on your list. Do something every day that moves you toward your goal so that you can maintain momentum.

7. Visualize your goal repeatedly. See it in your mind’s eye as though it were already a reality. The more clear and vivid your mental picture of your goal, the more you will be focused and inspired to attain it.

8. Imagine the feeling you would have if your goal were realized at this very moment and would really please the divine order.

9. Behave as if God was bringing your goal into reality. Accept that you are moving toward your goal and it is moving toward you.

10. Surrender your goal completely to Divine who is within your heart. Turn your goal over to the Supersoul, act responsibly as if the outcome depends on you, but be aware that it depends on Supreme. Combination of a sincere, intelligent personal effort and God’s mercy brings great results.

Author: Akrura dasa Conscious Coaching