Power Of Questions

There are basically two kinds of questions that we can ask yourself: empowering questions and dis-empowering questions.   Empowering questions – Provide new understanding – Provide new ideas –... Read more »

Free from worries!?

1. What do I worry about? 2. Do I really need to worry about it? 3. How would I feel if I would not worry about it? 4. How would my life... Read more »

Motivational Questions

1. Do you have someone who inspires you the most to take up and persist in a leadership responsibility? 2. Do you read every day so you can become... Read more »

Ask Right Questions!

These questions will help you discover new options, opportunities, possibilities and advantages in various areas your life: 1. What are the options for achieving this goal? 2. What else is possible? 3.... Read more »