Lead, observe or follow. What you choose is what you are!

One of the principal leadership laws is that we can lead, follow or observe. What we chose is what you are. This is the leadership essential principle not spoken... Read more »

Catch people doing things right?

Ken Blanchard probably did more in his book 'The One Minute Manager' then anyone to bring forth the concept of "catch people doing things right". For some reason many... Read more »

Beware the “Busy Manager”

“When corporate leaders make a sincere effort to give managers both challenge and choice, most managers can learn to direct their energy and improve their focus – and ultimately... Read more »

Uncovering the leadership lessons of the Bhagavad Gita

O son of Prtha, there is no work prescribed for Me within all the three planetary systems. Nor am I in want of anything, nor have I a need... Read more »

6 Leadership Tips By Bhakti-tirtha Swami

Everything is available to you if you connect properly. Always examine each situation carefully in order to gain the maximum benefit from each interaction. If people do not move to a... Read more »

Leadership Is NOT Only About You

If you are convinced you need others' help to achieve more, then please treat your people with respect. Invest in making them highly successful by helping them develop their... Read more »

Willingness to Serve Others

One last caution about the simple yet complicated phenomenon of love: you should constantly try to anticipate beforehand and review afterwards how each of your policies increases the love... Read more »

Motivational Questions

1. Do you have someone who inspires you the most to take up and persist in a leadership responsibility? 2. Do you read every day so you can become... Read more »

Are you an empowerer or a problem solver?

If you start applying this approach in your life and leadership, initially people might object, because they are accustomed to your help. But if they are sincere, gradually they... Read more »

3 Pitfalls of Leadership

The temptations to be autocratic, to take benefits of leadership for granted, or to become bored or depressed are just a few of the hazards of leadership. There are... Read more »