Problem or opportunity?

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” --- Charles R. Swindoll

I found this in one ebook. We need to learn how to find something that we can take advantage of in ANY negative situation. Something that we can utilize, to create even greater results and success. How do you turn a ‘problem’ into something that really empowers you? Let me explain what a ‘problem’ really […]

10 steps to goals

Reaching the goals

10. Surrender your goal completely to Divine who is within your heart. Turn your goal over to the Supersoul, act responsibly as if the outcome depends on you, but be aware that it depends on Supreme. Combination of a sincere, intelligent personal effort and God’s mercy brings great results.

Bhagavad Gita and Management II


The calm mind in the face of failure will lead to deeper introspection and see clearly where the process went wrong so that corrective steps could be taken to avoid shortcomings in future. The principle of reducing our attachment to personal gains from the work done is the Gita’sprescription for attaining equanimity.

Bhagavad Gita and Management I


The first lesson of management science is to choose wisely and utilise scarce resources optimally. During the curtain raiser before the Mahabharata War, Duryodhana chose Sri Krishna’s large army for his help while Arjuna selected Sri Krishna’s wisdom for his support. This episode gives us a clue as to the nature of the effective manager – the former chose numbers, the latter, wisdom.

Success begins when you start using your freedom of choice


Success begins when you start using your freedom of choice. At your present stage of personal growth and evolution there are specific lessons that you have to learn about yourself, about life and about other people. How can this understanding help you see your life and what you face in life differently? You are an active participant in your own evolution.

Model of human relationships


Different aspects of human beings

* Not meant for classifying persons in a drawer
* Not meant to judge others
* To learn about human beings
* To better understand behaviours
* To better understand the own position
* To easier perform in the personal development

Four types of behaviour / persons

* Analyst
* Driver
* Charmer, charming one
* Expressionist – expressive one

Letter From Your Goals


Dear Sir, You probably already know what this letter is about. You’ve seen it coming; I know you have. It’s about us, Sir. It’s over. I’m leaving you! I’ve hung on as long as I could. You’ve got to give me credit for that. I mean, the way you swept me off my feet and […]

Turning Failure to Your Advantage


Again, failure is inevitable if you are going to tackle significant goals. You have to learn to make it work for you. In doing so, you are planting the seeds of your eventual success.

4 Steps To Put Any Plan On Track


Preparation also requires patience. You would like to get going immediately but sometimes you have to wait. Maybe your plan requires a lot of practice before you are ready to go. Or maybe you might have to rely on others who are not ready when you are.

The Master Plan for Your Growth

Success begins when you start using your freedom of choice.

Your task in improving yourself and your life is to take responsibility for the internal and external aspects of your life and get them all to play in harmony around the central theme of your personal evolution. Your job is to play the beautiful music with your life and to make your life a great performance.

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