Coaches ask questions that shine light in the right places

This really made me think… I let my mind wander free, just waiting for something to come. Suddenly I saw myself as an explorer of ancient pyramids, and that made a lot of sense to me.

‘Why a pyramid explorer?’ they asked.

‘Because when you know where to look, you can find treasures inside places where
nobody has been before. I see people like temples, with hidden treasures just waiting to be brought out!’

Reluctance, Resistance and Coaching

Raluctance and success

Got this excellent article today in my inbox. Executive Coaching is increasingly offered as an acknowledgement of success – a tool to continue developing already effective leaders, high potentials and high performers. Some organizations are proactive to the point that it’s the exception rather than the rule to deploy coaching to help an executive in […]

Who you are? (Overcome the Obstacles in Your Mind)

Figure out the role you would like to play in life. Outside of real physical or resource limitations (e.g., I cannot be a pro basketball player at age 58, no matter how much I try), what is holding you back?

Mutual coaching

Coaching is a profession of love. You can't coach people unless you love them. Eddie Robinson

Mini-surveys are a simple and efficient way to measure behavioral change. They are very short and focus only on the leadership behavioral goal that has been selected by the person being coached. They are designed so that the colleagues evaluate behavior that occurs only during the coaching period.
Conscious coaching!

Are you an empowerer or a problem solver?

If you start applying this approach in your life and leadership, initially people might object, because they are accustomed to your help. But if they are sincere, gradually they will see that this approach is much better for them, for it empowers them to become more capable of being self-reliant and ultimately, more productive and more effective.

The Conscious Manager

aware manager

Start today to pay closer attention to the things you do. Be more conscious and aware of yourself and your actions. Think about your tasks carefully before you begin. Identify your most important tasks and concentrate on them single-mindedly.

Do fewer things of highest value.

You must be continually reducing and eliminating activities that take up too much time and contribute very little to the goals you really want to achieve.

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