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Spirituality in Business

spiritual business

Spirituality, however, is more an individual matter; it does not rely on an external organization. Rather, spirituality is an experience of depth in life, it is living life with heart rather than just superficially. For some, spirituality involves a belief in a God. For others, it takes different forms. But in any case, spirituality is an experience that there is something more to life than just our narrow, ego-oriented view of it.

People who have developed the spiritual side of their life typically have a quality of lightness, appreciation and humor. They bring a sense of “all-rightness” and optimism to life, even in the face of problems. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They are fully alive, and they radiate this aliveness to others.

The financial crisis cannot be solved at the same level of awareness at which it was created


Capitalism’s greatest challenge is its addiction to economic expansion. Our entire financial system is predicated on the assumption that GDP will always keep increasing. Stock markets, debt and retirement funds all depend on this. So does our monetary supply. The financial crisis is a symptom of this challenge.

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