Are you an empowerer or a problem solver?

Transform your people into high performers and high achievers in their area of service.

Once there was a paradigm of leadership that leader is a problem solver. Leader was the one you go to when you have a problem. You tell him what or who your problem is and he has to figure out the solution.

Do you know that new, progressive leaders do not use this approach anymore? Do you know that they have another approach, that helps people take more responsibility and grow faster?

Although problems solving will always be a part of any leader’s duty, effective modern leaders use more empowering approach to leadership. They resist the temptation to give solutions right away, and thus being only efficient, instead of being effective. They ask their people to think, ask others for ideas and come back with recommendations, with several proposed solutions.

If you start applying this approach in your life and leadership, initially people might object, because they are accustomed to your help. But if they are sincere, gradually they will see that this approach is much better for them, for it empowers them to become more capable of being self-reliant and ultimately, more productive and more effective.

This coaching approach to leadership can gradually transform your people into high performers and high achievers in their area of service.

Author: Alex Todorovic

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